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As usual, Volume 14 (2023) presents a variety of studies and articles covering many issues of contemporary international and European law. The Yearbook begins with the studies that address issues related to the Russian aggression against Ukraine (the Register of Damage, or the use of autonomous weapon systems), the codification work of the International Law Commision, and the role of the UN Security Concil or some questitons of international courts (ICJ and ILOAT). 

The readers will also find many other traditional sections here, including human rights law. This section includes, in addition to the study on the review of UN human rights treaty bodies, three acticles focused on various aspects of the case-law of the European Court of Human Rights, as well as an article on due dilligence in the context of violence against woman.

A section of international criminal law presents, inter alia, articles focused on salient issues, such as prosecution of hate speech or the protection of nuclear power plants in armed conflict.

As in the previous years, the CYIL also presents special sections on international nuclear law and on problems of the medical research and human rights in health law.

According to its tradition, Volume 14 of the CYIL also covers some aspects of international economic law and private international law, such as asset freezing in investment arbitration, the role of international organizations in establishing the global minimum tax, and comparision of the prorogation agreements under the Hague Convention and the Brussels I bis regulation. 

The Yearbook also covers the Czech practice of international law, in particular, a list of treaties ratified by the Czech Republic, reports on the recent works of the UN International Law Commission and activities of the Sixth (legal) committee of the UN General Assembly, book reviews, and a survey of the Czech international law bibliography.

The Czech Yearbook was established by the Czech Society of International Law in 2010. It was done thanks to the Board and the members of this association of Czech international lawyers, both academics and practitioners, who felt a lacuna of such a specialized journal or yearbook.

Since 2014, the Czech Yearbook has been published by the international publishers, rw&w, Science & New Media, Passau-Berlin-Praha, which, in cooperation with Südost Service GmbH, ensures its distribution in Germany and Western Europe.

As you know, the CSIL publishes the Yearbook in both printed and electronic versions ( Since 2015, the Czech Yearbook has been included in the Czech index of scholarly peer-reviewed journals (RVVI) and in the SCOPUS international database.

The Czech Yearbook, in spite of its difficult beginnings, has succeeded in attracting a sufficient number of authors and readers in the Czech Republic and abroad. It found its place among other similar publications on international law.

This publication appears thanks to a continuing financial subsidy to the Czech Society of International Law from the Council of Scientific Societies of the Czech Republic. We are also grateful for the generous financial support from the law firm Skils (Prague).

We also wish that this volume of the Czech Yearbook will find many readers and we are already looking forward to new authors and new contributions for our next volume in 2024. We are also grateful for any comments or suggestions on how to improve the quality of this

prof. JUDr. Pavel Šturma, DrSc.